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Happy Music provides special services all about VIOLIN and PIANO!
-If you are seeking for a violin or piano,Happy Music is the right place for you to come.We will help you to choose the good violins in every sizes,pianos with accessories.
-Our violin,piano teachers are the professional violinists/pianists ,we will help you to get a good violin/piano.
-Happy Music also receives repairing for violins (repair,change broken items..etc..)
-Happy Music has exchange trading services for second-hand and brand new violins
-Happy Music organizes concerts about Chamber music ,Vietnamese Traditional Music (Solo,orchestra,singing,dancing..)
About Instruments
-Violins come in different sizes (1/16,1/10,1/8,1/4,1/2,3/4,4/4-Full Size) for the different sizes/ages of children.When your child is growing up,it means you also have to change the size of the violin.4/4 is Full Size for grown up or adult people.
1)Sizing the violin:
-First of all,you should know exactly which size of the violin is fit to your child.You must bring your child to the Violin Shop in order to get the correct size.But some time the sellers also have little knowledge about this instrument (if they are not violinist!).So,how can you find the solution?
-Our violin teachers in Happy Music can help you to size and chose the good violin for your child.They are all professional with international training violinists (see more at Teacher in Happy Music website),they can also evaluate the sound and check for mechanism of the violin.
-Contact us for your best service: Happy Music Studio
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-When you buy a violin :a bow,a violin case,rosin will be included.
-In case the bow is broken,you have to buy a new one.
-If the hair of the bow is too old you should re-hair to avoid bad affection to the sound of the violin.
-Contact Happy Music for more information about this service.
+Shoulder Rest:
-This is a device that hooks under the violin where the violin touches the shoulder.This accessory is necessary to help the person hold the violin properly.
-There are many kinds and sizes of shoulder rest fit for sizes/ages of children.
-Discuss with your violin teacher at Happy Music to get the right one.
+Music stand:
-Music stand come in different shapes and materials:some are fold-up and made by solid metal,others are one-piece made by wood,metal…etc.
-Fold-up music stand is convenient for your travel.If only for practice at home,you might need the usual one (one-piece stand).
-Contact Happy Music if you need more information.
+Practice Mute: (optional)
-Practice mutes are made to quiet the violin down so you can practice in apartments, at night time without bothering the other people.
-See more at Happy Music Studio.
+Chin Rest: (optional)
-The chin rest is where the jaw rest on top of the violin and also comes in different sizes.A lot of the small children have discomfort with the tiny chin rests and the metal parts that hold it to the violin.A solution for your child if she/he is having this discomfort is to put a soft pad (like a handkerchief…)over the chin rest for comfort.It will help to cover the chin rest and the metal parts that irritate the children’s neck.
-For more helpful advices,please contact Happy Music!
+Also there are other accessories for replace such as:set of string,bridge,rosin and case…Please contact Happy Music Studio!
-Buying a piano can be a big investment.So,you should carefully think before give the decision.
+Acoustic Piano:
=>There are two kind of acoustic pianos:Up-right Piano and Grand Piano
-Up-right piano is good for practicing and convenient for moving.
-Grand Piano is used for concerts because the sound has more sonority.
-If you are just beginner,an Up-right piano is very suitable.You can chose both brand-new and used pianos.It’s quite big different price between new and used pianos,besides the price,new piano needs several years to set up the sound.
-The used pianos imported from Japan:These pianos are in good quality and maybe cheaper a half price from the new one.The important thing is you have to know which one has the good sound and balance.Normally,they come in very different sounds of each one.
-Happy Music ready to help you to get a good tone and quality piano with the most reasonable price!
-Benchs have different kind of materials,some are wood,some are metal,some can adjust,others are set with the standard height.
-Depend on the purpose of the user,we can chose adjustable bench or not.If you have 2 children with different ages,a adjustable bench is necessary because sometime the smaller child need to sit at higher position.This is very important for correct posture to the instrument.
-As usual a bench (standard one) is maybe included when you buy a piano.
+Piano cover,wiping cloth and cleaning liquid:
-Outside of the piano is damaged easily,so you have to use the special wiping cloth (which is really soft) to clean outside and the keyboard of the piano.Add some cleaning liquid to clean easier and polish up the piano.
-Piano cover helps to avoid the dust and also decorates for the piano.
+Dry-tube for Piano:
-This is a important accessory for your piano.It helps to avoid the wet from the outside (rain ,wet seasons)may damages your piano by changing the sound,breaking the sensitivity of the keys..etc.
=>Moving,Tuning the piano
-Normally,when you buy a piano we will provide moving and tuning service Free for the first time.
-Distance between 2 times of tuning is 8 months -1 year depend on the “out of tune” of the strings.
-If you recognize your piano is out of correct pitchs,you should have a tuning as soon as possible to avoid the affection of wrong tones to your child’s musical ear.
Contact us for your best information!
Happy Music Studio :Tel: (04)3993-9489   Mobile :0904-86-6362 / 0904-86-6364
+Electric Piano:
-An electric piano can not make sound by itself without electricity. Somehow it makes the sound of the electric piano less “lively” than the acoustic piano.The price of an electric piano is often cheaper than acoustic piano.
-Electric piano is a good fun for children because of the ability changing the sound to different instruments,it helps them to gain their imagination. The weight of the keys are also similar with the acoustic piano.
-If you want to buy an electric piano,buy the one got enough 88 keys (like the acoustic piano) will be better.
-Some popular brand names for electric pianos:Casio,Yamaha..etc
Vietnamese Traditional Instruments 16-chord zither (Dan Tranh):
-Dan Tranh is a traditional instrument of Vietnamese,with time it became a favorite instrument of Vietnamese people and foreigners by it’s beautiful sounds.When perform, the player will pluck the strings to make sounds.
-Dan Tranh have 4 sizes,but the popular sizes are :16 strings for children and 19 strings for older age.
-When your child starts to learn to play Dan Tranh she/he will play on a 16 strings size.After 4-5 years they will have to change to 19 strings size.
-You can come and have a consultation with Happy Music’s “People Teacher”,professor Ngo Bich Vuong (See more at Teacher in Happy Music website) about how to learn and getting an instrument.
-Because of the way sounding is plucking on the strings ,so you sure need a set of plucking-nails.These accessories are made by materials such as:tortoise shell,plastic,stainless steel..
+Stand and cover:
-You will need a pair of stand to put your instrument on when you practice at home or at the concert.The stands can fold-tiny to make more convenient for travel.
-Instrument cover helps you to protect your instrument from the outside damages and let you bring it along easier.
+Music Stand:
-As violin,a music stand is necessary for your practice and concert times
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